Monday, April 30, 2012

April FMQ Challenge

 First thing I should say is I got this motif pattern off of Forest Quilting. There are quite a few free motifs you can download the patterns for free!
    This is actually the back of the quilt design, because...

...I still have to remove the blue marks. Two reasons. I'm on a crunch to get in my practice in. And I don't think I am done quilting this. I want to add more!

   Here is the pattern from Forest Quilting I used to try out Don Linn's marking technique. I rather like this technique. It will be a good technique to have in my back pocket.

 Now I am hoping this post can double for my February challenge of Diane Gaudynski's feathers. I know these feathers are marked but I have been working on a FMQ quilt with a feather design put together randomly kind of like paisley. I really like the effect! I have not marked this design at all. Although I have to stop and think about where I am going next, the design really is easier than it looks. As I go with it, it is getting easier and easier. I will post pictures when I finish it which will be soon, since I need it for a baby shower present by May 12!


  1. This looks fantastic! Really nice work.

  2. Your work is wonderful! I agree that the marking method is a good one to know - think I'll use it more on dark fabrics. I must look at Forest Quilting - thanks for the tip. Keep up the great quilting and have a nice week! ~Jeanne

  3. Talk about becoming a pro at free motion!!! Awesome!

  4. Truly beautiful, but sorry....can't count one FMQ practice for multiple tutorials. Good try, but I recommend you follow the tutorials/challenge rules. And, remember this challenge isn't all about prizes but the opportunity to learn/improve FMQ. Fortunately, Diane's tutorial is going to still be available thru 2012 so you can still do it and use it towards entering to win a grand prize.


    1. Ok but this will count for April right?