Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Sewing Machine Got A New Dress

Diane Bohn from blank pages... has this great letter paper piecing pattern that I won on her blog. The contest was to give her an idea of what you would make (in a month or so) using the pattern. My idea was to make a sewing machine cover. I said I think I could finish in a month, but no promoises. She picked me anyway. It took 4 months. Sorry, Diane

I could have finished in a month, but I had a few sewing distractions. More on that later. 

I couldn't be happier on how it turned out. 

If you would like one of her patterns she sells them on Etsy here.

A few of my distractions was to make my mom and MIL a wallet with the Emmaline the necessary clutch wallet. This wallet was FUN to make. She has the best patterns! If you like to make bags, I suggest you check her out!

Here is my moms wallet(which she loved!)

And my mother-in-laws which she also loved

 Then I made myself a purse for the summer. This is one big bag!

I used the Craftsy class Design Your Own Handbag to make this bag. I'm pretty happy with it, although I wish I would have used white zippers instead. I had some that would have matched perfectly(off white metal zippers) but would have had to order the correct size. I would rather not try to re-size metal zippers. I think it would have been perfect, but I'm not always that patient;0

Although I haven't blogged much I have been busy! And now, I'm itching to make a quilt. I have a new FMQ design I want to try out. I haven't really tried to stitch it out yet, just drawing it on paper. But I think it will look amazing on a quilt, so be on the lookout!!