Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Smiley Bag

I finished my second entry for the Sew Sweetness Purse Palooza 2014 contest. I made the same bag as my last entry. It's my second attempt using the pattern I drafted myself, based on the Lizzy Bag by Vera Bradley. It's a little bigger than the Lizzy, and I again added a turn lock (this time a heart). I LOOOOOOVE how it turned out:)

The Smiley Bag

I used my beautiful daughter as a model. This purse really looks good on her!

As you can see we had a few laughs, as we always do;) She admitted to me that she wasn't crazy about the fabric when I started. But she said "I like it! If whoever that is for is stupid enough to not like it, I'll take it." That makes a mom feel good. She knows this one is not for her. She already picked out her fabric. Hers is coming. Hopefully I can crank out a few more(and hers of course) before Christmas!

I love this pocket!

I love this pocket! I think it's why I'm not getting board of making these:) Plus it's always fun to see how each fabric pattern will look. I have to admit, though, I got to know my seam ripper a little better with this one. I had sewn in magenta zippers. The color was way to off. 

Back side

The Black zippers look so much better. It was worth an extra day of work!

This is not the greatest interior photo. The are 2 pockets inside.

I'm having so much fun making this one. I'm highly considering making a pattern to sell, but it scares me to death if I'm going to be honest. I really don't know where to start :O I have made the bag 2 times and the pattern pieces seem to work, and I'm sure I could write instructions, but putting it in digital form is an enigma to me. Anyone willing to point me in the right direction would be appreciated! Oh ya, and if the name sucks (The Smiley Bag) I need ideas because that is as good as I could come up with. My friend suggested The Dani bag. It has a nice ring to it, lol!!