Sunday, August 26, 2012

UFO Sunday's

I can finally concentrate on my UFO's! I got my friendship quilt done for the Friendship Quilt Blog Hop today, so I feel like it's OK to go back to my UFO's. And yes, that is a big HINT to check it out starting Sept.3 ;) ;)

Just a few months ago, I was bragging how I didn't have any. 
But now I have 2.

My Wonky Star quilt.....or

My Greek Cross quilt.Ok, I have 4 if you count the Craftsy BOM and My FMQQAYG quilt...but they are WIP's  that.........oh, OK their UFO's too :/

And trust me, after I get these finished, I will not have UFO's anymore. It seriously stresses me out! I) don't like having them(UFO's) because I feel like I will be redoing work I have already worked so hard on, like ironing. Luckily, on these projects, they are still in the block stage, and I have kept them neatly in a drawer.

My sewing room, however, is not so neat at the moment, so I may have to tidy up first. And then, I have a decision to make. Which one to do first?

I am excited to get these projects back underway and eliminate my UFO's! No more for me!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Free-Motion Quilting Challenge/secret revealed

Wendy Sheppard is our FMQing expert for August at !Insights From SewCalGal. She showed us how to stitch a great design called Jester's hat. She also offered a second variation to give a Fleur de Lis look. Both designs were fairly easy to create. But I did have placement problems. I quilted myself in more than a few times. I tried to use Leah Day's quilting in rows method. Either it won't work for this design, or I need Leah to show me how to make it work:/. 

Even with my problems, I love how both designs turned out. Just when I was thinking, how can any of our experts possibly come up with a new design, I was pleasantly surprised with this one:)

OK here is the big secret revealed!!! This is one of the reasons I have been late on my homework for weeks on the Quilt Along Wednesday's. I have been dying to share;)

Diane Bohn from blank pages... is hosting the Friendship Quilts Blog Hop. She asked little ole me with only 69 followers to be a part of it! When she asked, I thought what a great idea! As I have been going through this, I have changed my opinion to what an AWESOME idea!!

Here is how it works. Think 80's. think friendship bracelets. Think about who is your BFF! Now make a quilt, mug rug, wall hanging, purse, or whatever your heart desires based on your favorite friendship bracelet design. But check out the list of Awesome bloggers first and get some awesome inspiration!!!!

You can find out about all of the details about the friendship Blog Hop HERE. Grab a button while you are there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3: Friendship Quilts Kick Off! at from blank pages..., THAT'S DIANE!
4: Diane of from blank pages..., Diane again, She'll share her project and a tutorial first
5: Whitney of The Peacock Tree
6: January T of Sew Sew Go
7: Melinda of Quirky Granola Girl

10: Courtney of Mon Petit Lyons
11: Jill of Made with Moxie
12: Danielle of Fresh off the Spool
13: Kelsey of Kelsey Sews
14: Kristy of Quiet Play

17: Marika of Live, Laugh, Love... Sew
18: Karen of Sew Well Maid
19: Rachael of imagine gnats
20: Katie of There & Back
21: Lori of Lori H. Designs

24: A SURPRISE LINKY PARTY OPENS!!! (You do NOT want to miss this one!)
25: Secret
26: Secret
27: Secret
28: Link up closes for projects
30: Suprise Linky closes
October 1st: at from blank pages...  Judges Picks announced, Random drawing for the rest of the prizes,

NOW, get your wheels spinning and use those great Free-Motion Quilting skills you have been developing. I know you all will make an awesome Friendship Quilt. And tell your friends. Maybe they will make YOU one :)))))))))))

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Quilt Along Wednesdays!

Here's my homework for Quilt Along Wednesdays with Leah Day called Cucumber Vine. I am late yet AGAIN on getting my homework done, but I have the perfect excuse this time. It's my youngest son's 11th birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREW!!

This design was a little challenging to stitch. Getting nice pretty round spirals is hard enough, but then traveling back on them and staying on the line....whew! It took a while to get this one done. It's a pretty design, but I think I may need just a tinsy bit more practice on this one.

MY QUESTION FOR LEAH: This has to do with your post today. If you paint your quilt, will the paint eventually crack over time. It just seems that a quilt is so flexible, that it would. Does it make the fabric really stiff where the paint is applied.

That's all for me today. Keep on stitchin'............................:)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Quilt Along Wednesday's Homework Tree Roots

I'm a bit late on my homework again. This week, I'm gonna blame it on the OLYMPICS!  Everything else has pretty much gone by the wayside. But hey, I'm a summer girl and it only comes once every 4 years.

Leah Day showed us Tree Roots last week. I found it easier than Bare Branches. I think it's because you could wiggle up to the areas that needed to be filled. I like the design. I could look like tree roots, or lightening...super cool!

No questions this week. I can't think of much else than watching USA athletes go for the gold!