Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm Free Motion Quilting!

O.K. I have been busy practicing free motion quilting for the past 2 weeks. I've gone from bad, to not bad at all in a short period of time, to my surprise. well you be the judge. *NOTE* In the beginning I didn't know where to start. To many designs to try. I wanted to try them all at once so I was a little ADHD about it.


now it gets better.I decide to try Paisley, not to bad, #6
# 7 is a design by Leah day,Hasta Leaf I think, as are some of the early sucky ones I did(the design doesn's suck, just the execution:p)
#8 another great design by Leah Day, Swirling Feathers
#9Mctavishing...needs a lil work
#10 Leah Day's Flower Leaf
Yay! I can do this! But wait, there's more.My very own design popped in to my head today and I just had to go for it. I call it Lotus Waters. I AM A FREE MOTION QUILTER! LUV IT!