Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Color Purple

 Are there any purple lovers out there? I am. But my step-daughter M is obsessed. With that in mind, I have been on the hunt for fabric for her. She is also extremely picky. I haven't been able to find anything I thought she would love, so I decided to dye some fabric purple. 
I had some left over purple dye from the school Field Day t-shirt tie dying. You can read about that post here. I dyed 4 yards of Kona White with purple dye, and just a little teal. I really loved the color, but I didn't quite think it was purple enough for M, so I tried an over dye with red. 
Big mistake. It gave me big red splotches all over the fabric. I wasn't liking it at all.  M came over and I told her that I really tried to dye her some pretty purple fabric and it didn't quite turn out, but Amy, my dye mixer, said she had a pretty plum I could try to over dye it with. M exclaimed " NO, DON'T TOUCH IT. I LOVE IT!" Crisis averted. As long as M loves it, that's all that counts;)

 I am using this fabric for piecing modern quilt tops for Quilt Along Wednesday with Leah Day. I decided to go a different direction then the wonky squares. I am doing wonkified stars. I have been dying to make these, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. I really wanted to do a Sparkle Punch Quilt, but I'm making all the stars the same color. I think the Sparkle Punch Quilt would look better with multi colored stars. On the SPQ the stars touch. Being all one color might not be the best option. So I made 13- 12 1/2 in. star blocks....then...I ran out of the grey background fabric. 

EDIT! I forgot to mention. If any of you decide at some point to try out this block, here is something to think about. You start out with a block the same size your ray block(part of the star block) will be. then you sew on the triangles for your rays.use the bottom square block as a guide for the placement of you rays. Although this is free-form sewing, you still have to be somewhat mindful of you placement. Do NOT do as I did above. You want the ray fabric to extend past the bottom square. This is because the bottom gets chopped off, and you won't end up with a square in the end.

See how I already cut the first side off of the back and pressed open the seams? You will do the same for the other side.

So if you are short on the ray(purple) fabric, you won't be square. I hope this makes sense.

  I can't wait to see this come together.

Question for Leah . This has to do with batting. Have you ever doubled up on batting? I have noticed a few bloggers mentioning that they use 2 layers on quilts. Would this be harder to FMQ and would you need a heavy duty needle? I would think It would make for a warmer quilt, and puffier quilting. Do you have any thoughts on the subject?

Well that's all for now. I have a cool idea coming up for a pincushion that I will try out next week. I hope it turns out. If all goes well I will share. Seriously, I need more hours in the day for all the ideas I want to stitch out;)





  1. Will be a fun quilt! I'll be interested to see what Leah says about the double batting. I'm a beginner but have been using mainly cotton for my batting. That would be thick to double up on, but i think if polyester it would be more manageable.