Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Linking up with Leah: FUN Projects

 I work at Scott Elementary as the Head Custodian. This school has one of the most AWESOME PTA's you will find. I wouldn't hesitate to put them against any PTA in the nation. They are truly top-notch. Every year, at the end of the year, the PTA buys every student a T-shirt for our big end of the year fun, Field Day. The T-shirts  feature a students art work. The 6th graders get to submit their artwork, and then one is chosen by the teachers as the new Field Day logo for that year. This year, the PTA has been asked to buy new computers for the computer lab, which is great, but cuts in to the T-shirt budget. Sooooo, they decided to instead, tie die. I was kinda bummed out, because I always look forward to those T-shirts. Little did I know how fun this would be. Every student got to participate. The PTA helped the students during art class for a full week to get them dyed. Everyone had a blast with it! Amy, the PTA mom in charge of this let me take dyes home last week so I could make my own(I'm just to busy at work to stop and dye a t-shirt).Of course, I couldn't do just one. These are the ones I did. The heart is my favorite!!

 This one is using the shibori technique.

 Made this one for my 16 year old son. He didn't like it. I loved it, so I wore it to work, then he decided he liked it...hahaha :)

The alien turned out pretty good except one eye is darker than the other.

I was planning on getting some bleached muslin and going to town dying fabric, but Amy needed the bottles back to re-do some that didn't turn out. But.. she said she would hook me up when she is done! :D

 Last minute Mother's Day Projects :P

Here is a quick fun project I did for my Mom and Mother-in-law for Mother's Day. These cute little box pleat bags. I found lots of tutorials online and whipped these up in about 2hrs a piece. I stippled one and quilted lines on the other. I used my zipper foot for the lines because I liked using the foot as a guide for the lines. I realized very quickly, that this could be potentially dangerous. My machine produces 1600 stitched per minute. Very fast. I had a close call. My finger got very close to the needle. So I just widened my grip and zipped through those lines in nothing flat :) These bags were fun to make. I highly recommend;)


  1. Those bags look great. Love the fresh colours.

  2. Great projects. I love the bags. BTW, I think it is perfectly appropriate for an alien to have one eye darker than the other. What could be spookier?

  3. Your school sounds wonderful - having each child make a shirt is fantastic! I love your bags too - bet the moms loved them! ~Jeanne