Thursday, June 7, 2012

Craftsy BOM & Greek Cross

 I got my Craftsy BOM all caught up. I love the last block, the Greek Cross. So, I decided to make a whole quilt with this block. I am finally cutting into some of my favorite stash fabrics that I have been hording for just the right project. I have made 7 blocks so far!

My solid background fabric had a fade mark in it. In my haste to get started, i forgot to cut it out :P  It showed up in a few of my blocks. I will probably re-do these later.

I'm on the hunt for a new batting. I usually use Warm and White  because it is readily available at JoAnn's. I want to know what YOU use and why! Please, let me know!!!!! :)


  1. I usually use Cotton batting as it clings nicely to the top and backing and I am used to it with FMQ. The last lot I did I used 'Mathilda's Own Cotton Batting which is probably specific to Australia. I have used Wool batting (easy to FMQ with)and Bamboo batting (had FMQ tension issues with this as it does not appear dense enough. I am currently trialling Soft and Bright -needled Polyester batting (from the makers of Warm and Natural). Clings to the fabric which is great and is also very light. Remains to be seen how it is with FMQ.Will report on this in next week's Quilt Along Wednesdays with Leah Day.

  2. I like to use 100% cotton batting if I can afford it :) Will use a cotton/poly blend depending on the project though. What can I say,as long as it quilts and looks nice when finished I will probably use it again if it's on sale!

  3. I love your blocks!!! I use the warm and white at JoAnn's

  4. Dream/poly is my choice:
    Quilting is up to 12",soft
    and light! Congratulations on Craftsy
    catch up!