Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter eggs!

 Happy Easter!!

My creatively talented kids decided to toss the Paas aside and go for my Bic permanent markers instead. I think they made some little gem eggs here!

This one is so cool
Jase>Duck Dynasty
Si>Duck Dynasty*favorite*

I've been home all week with the kids for spring break. I managed to get one project done and another one almost there. This finished project is one I have had bouncing in my head for a while. It started with this for inspiration.

Love this purse. 

So I was thinking, selvegded edges would make a cool redo of this purse. I think I might have enough selvedges to do this. The problem, the more I thought of it was that different fabrics have different widths of selvedges(which could look sloppy). If I had enough of the same size, it could look good. But I don't. So I can't let and idea go to waste. So here is what I did instead.

I painstakingly made all of the fringe. It wasn't really that bad. I just made WOF strips and I got about 8 pieces of fringe out of each. But It did take quite a bit of fabric. There is 2 full yards on the exterior fabric/fringe alone! I only had a little piece left!  

I cut each strip 2 inches and double folded ending up with a half inch strip. I did an experiment and tried a one inch cut strip that would give  1/4 inchstrip, but decided I was to impatient for that(although I would look great)I fray checked all the ends so not to unravel on me:) 

What do you think? To much? I'm kinda liking how it turned out. I'm just scared I will get it dirty if I use it, haha. (kinda defeats the purpose)

I am really on a bag roll lately. I hope to get back to making some quilts soon, but for now, I have a few more bags to make. Well, I better, at least, since I already bought supplies.

Have a great Easter!!!


  1. I love your purse! And you have to use it! I think all of your work really paid off. And those egg are rather incredible - your kids are as talented as you are! ~Jeanne

  2. Very cute eggs! I love how creative kids can be. Your purse is really cool and nicely constructed....my skills on bag making are limited to feed sacks into grocery bags :)

  3. WOW for noen flotte påske egg! Du har kreative barn:) Likte vesken din godt også.