Thursday, March 1, 2012


I am making good progress for the Hello Kitty quilt. I bought this fabric years ago to make a quilt and curtains for my daughters room. She has out grown the curtains, but she still wants the quilt.
   She couldn't decide on how she wanted it quilted. I suggested different quilting in each block, since the blocks are all pretty much the same . She like that idea.
   I'm using my new Janome 1600P-QC. I am loving it. It FMQ's so well! I have had no thread breaks at all. FMQing becomes so much more fun when you don't have any issues. Getting the new machine was a great investment! No buyers remorse here!!!
  I have been behind on getting blog entries in to link up for the Wednesday Quilt Along and the 2012 FMQ Challenge because first,my old machine decided it really didn't want to FMQ anymore. Then, I had too wait a few weeks to have the cash to buy a new one. Last, I have been working furiously on a couple of challenges with deadlines. The Sliced competition and the Modern Mini Quilt Challenge. I have those completed, so I'm back in the game!!!


  1. Your quilting looks FABULOUS!!! You are definitely back in the game! I also can wait to hear more about your new machine.

  2. OH! your FMQ'g is wonderful!! :-)

  3. Your quilting is wonderful. Isn't it great to have a machine that quilts without making a fuss? My new 7700 has totally liberated me to enjoy quilting for the first time ever, after several miserable years with an uncooperative one.

  4. thanks Anne! And yes! My old machine just decided one day " I'm not gonna FMQ anymore!" I could barely get 3 inches without a break. With my new machine, I don't have to stop until the bobbin runs out! Why don't they make bobbins bigger? haha

  5. Your free motion quilting looks so great. I am really impressed. Hope I will get good enough to do such tings. Have a nice week. Hugs Jofrid

    1. Thank you, and I am sure you already are!