Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fast Forward 20 Years

   Between now and when I got my sewing machine, I have made most of my window treatments, and simple, tied baby quilts. My sewing has been few and far between, sewing once or twice a year. It has picked up in the last few years though. I'm happy to say I am finally advancing too. Last weekend I finished up a cute quilt off a pattern I got off Etsy. The pattern is called Dots 'N Boxes by Frozen Knickers. Go check her out! She has cute patterns and quilts! My sister and sister-in-law both want a quilt with the exact same pattern. Here's the quilt.
   I stitched in the ditch, .....and....drumroll please.....FREE MOTION QUILTED the stippeling!!!! This is exciting to me because it's something I have never done, until now;) I was on a time crunch. I had the stitch in the ditch done, but it needed more. I thought, I need to go faster. I had a baby shower to attend in approximately 13 hours, so I just went for it. Ya, sure there are mistakes. But the baby's Mama loved it. I stayed up until 4.am., but it got done! The photo is not great because I took it on the fly, running out the door to the shower.
   I would have never done it without Leah Day. I found her on youtube last year and I love watching her vids. She is wise beyond her years. If you haven't heard of her, GO CHECK OUT her Free Motion Quilt Project http://freemotionquilting.blogspot.com/. She gave me the courage to free motion quilt. 
    No offense to anyone who has their quilts quilted by someone else, but that route is not for me. I want to sew my quilt from start to finish. Free motion quilting will allow me to do that!

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