Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lizzy remake

I have been on a sewing BREAK for the past few 5 months. There are many reasons. I've been pretty busy, but mainly, I just needed a break. I think it's because I dive in and just....don't stop. But the itch to get back has been there. I just needed a push. I couldn't resist Purse Palooza 2014 hosted by Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness!

So here is my 2014 entry.

front view

back view

I recently purchased the Lizzy Bag by Vera Bradley. It's a smart little cross body bag with a handy slip pocket and flap pocket(2 pockets in one) on the front. i just loved the look. I don't know if they are discontinuing it, but there are no new patterns on the website. 

I normally don't go for such a small bag, but there are times I just don't want to carry all my crap that I usually feel the need to haul around, such as a fair, or shopping.

front slip/flap pocket

My bag is a wee bit bigger then the original Lizzy measuring 9X8. The pockets are made just a tad bigger as well to accommodate my IPhone 5. My phone will slide easily all the way down the slip pocket, or the flap pocket-even with my Otter box on.

hardware and piping detail

I changed the flap opting for this cute little turn lock I got from Janelle Mackay at Emmaline Bags. I LOVE HER HARDWARE! I think the right hardware really sets a handmade bag apart.

interior pockets

I added the interior pockets. The zipper pocket on the back of the bag had credit card slots which I didn't bother to add.  My decision for this was mainly because I was getting impatient to get it done! I have been working out this bag all week! I had to draft my own pattern(still learning that skill) and work out a few mistakes. Oh, and a couple of trips BACK to the fabric store to get more fabric. I quilted it using Soft and Stable for the batting. I have to say-WOW, I love how it quilted up! You do have to pull the fabric taught as you are quilting to avoid unsightly ripples. I was quilting on the bias, so I learned quick, pull it VERY taught. But no bigger then the piece I was quilting, it wasn't a problem. The payoff is great, though. The bag keeps its shape soooooooo well! It's very structured!

I so love this bag and now I have my first order for it- from my daughter, Ashley! She has already picked out her fabric which I already knew would be Waterfront Park half square triangle. She has been eyeballing that fabric in my stash for a while:)

My only question is what to call it? Is it proper to give it a name since I basically ripped  off the design from Vera? I don't feel bad about making it. You learn a lot about bag making by looking at and making a designer bag. But I'm at a loss as to what to call this entry. Any thoughts?


  1. Looks good. No idea how to name it though. I like your pics with pumpkin :)

  2. Also clueless in terms of name, but great to see you back. Lovely bag...very impressed actually. Looks a bit complicated to me... I am currently also on the lookout for a bag pattern, but need something that is a bit easier.

    1. I took the Craftsy class Design Your Own Handbag. It helped a lot! I highly recommend it :)

  3. So nice to hear from you! Love, love, love your bag! I'd say you can name it whatever you like because you made a number of changes. I'm NOT creative with names but maybe something like Blue Diamond will help you think of a name.Your daughter is lucky to be on your list for the next one! ~Jeanne

    1. I'm not creative with names either, lol! I'm thinking of making my daughter and 2 step daughters one for Christmas. i just love how it turned out!

    2. How about the All Smiles bag...because it looks like it's smiling :)

  4. it looks great, love your choice of fabric. I never name my bags, or do you mean you're thinking of selling the pattern?